Sometimes called Goldrake, for his attitude to launch himself without worries towards cyclopean enterprises, for twenty-five years he has been dealing with technical activities, from twenty of special vehicles and armored cars.

Almost monothematic with regard to engines, in his experience he has had the fortune and privilege to confront the first players in the automotive world, from large manufacturers to the best professionals.

In his quiver there are different experiences, from the construction of prototypes for Alfa Romeo, to the production and design of armored vehicles for BMW, FCA and LAND ROVER, to the restoration of vintage cars with compliant techniques and methods, up to the realization of small series of “sports cars” complete for noble ateliers.


A professional in the security sector, cultured and passionate collector, he brings enthusiasm and concreteness to the company. It is the engine of the “well doing”, fussy and strict when it is needed, it seeks perfection in every detail, nothing escapes from him.

Sport and competitive spirit is his genuine passion, eclectic and capable of passing from the parlor to the game of cards with salami and good wine.

It supports the activity with its commercial spirit and its relational abilities. Even if inside us perhaps it was already present, the name thirty-three is due to his intuition.

Giovanni Battista

Giovanni Battista
The “Giamba” as everyone knows him, is “the mechanics”. Hardly his ear fails to recognize the faintest sonority of the vehicle.

Great lover of historic Italian and English cars, a reference point for the most daring restorations, a specialist in the development of racing vehicles too.

It is the antenna of the company, the one who smells the landscape to understand the future meteorology. Great sensitivity with people, a valid advisor is always ready to come into play when the going gets tough.


In name of fact, if it were not there we would have to invent it. Multirole, sometimes indefinable in its activity as a multiple solver.

He spent his entire 30-year career in special cars, he disassembled and reassembled everything from Renault 4 to Bugatti.

Its value, stubbornness, completes operations at any cost in the face of problems, its defect, stubbornness, drives the team crazy when it does not want to surrender before evidence.


There is no definite news of a holiday made by him, it seems that in the last thirty years he has only worked sleeping a few hours.

Plumber, blacksmith, superfine welder, mechanical builder, an incognito Magneto who molds the metal to his liking. There is no task that does not excite him, he loves cars, and it seems that he does not even remember exactly how many he has bought so far.

Someone calls him Batman, perhaps because of his ability to appear, solve problems at the right time and disappear, like this … without warning.


Like Mr Wolf of Tarantino, he solves problems, sometimes creating others, but he forgives himself with his calmness and patience with which he approaches apparently complex processes.

Profound connoisseur of the artisan and industrial fabric of the territory, a young old coachbuilder, passed by tinsmith with tailoring and upholstering skills, first-time Vespa enthusiast, a lover of historic cars, there is no small part that he cannot trace between shops and factories.