We are simple people, but in our sector we have a certain experience, in the field of armored cars we are second to none, we love challenges but also to collaborate with those who have more experience than us to improve our creativity. Our past is full of interesting vehicles, prototypes landed in noble car shows, unique vehicles built for collectors and big fans, armored cars for the best ministerial organizations, very often, almost always, without the most knowing. who was the builder of those vehicles. We consider ourselves humbly those of the backstage, we work hard without taking the limelight, that is a profession that belongs to others. We make sure that the leading players have the best materials.

Perhaps thanks to this approach, our old and new customers recognize a certain confidence, which is then the salt of our work. We are among the very few manufacturers of armored vehicles in Italy and over the years we have found innovative solutions to complex problems, we continue to do so with great dedication and competence, our strength lies in extreme flexibility in the face of special needs, in the creation of small or very small series or unique vehicles cut on the customer’s idea. We have thus received the first testimonies of this trust that is granted to us, and that 33 strongly loves to repay with its commitment.