It seems destiny but nothing happens by chance, in the most difficult moment you find the childhood friend who asks you how it goes, the situation is not the clearest, the company is set up but now you need a place where you can operate, that is representative of our vision for the future. So the friend who sees you in difficulty remembers having another common friend who has a wonderful site, a favor box with all the features that would do just for us: nice offices, not too big, a workshop of adequate size and not very dispersed by the very “British” construction, a well-kept and ample external area, surrounded by greenery but adjacent to a great communication route, privacy guaranteed a few steps from the rest of the world.

Too perfect to be true, and in fact for some time it seems to get stuck in the web of bureaucracy, I don’t know what happens abroad but certainly ours is not an easy country for those who wish to do. So, among papers, bulletins, statements, technical tables, adjustments and authorizations, the “factory” takes shape and finally, in April, our new home in Saronno is ready to go, with the blessing of the Chamber of Commerce.