When all seemed lost we did not give up, we gathered ideas, the heart in our hands and with the conviction that all our experience should not be lost, the idea of ​​thirty-three took shape.

The sudden and premature closure of a company with almost seventy years of history is a catastrophe in itself, but the Italian spirit of doing has prevailed and starting from the understanding of three people a small reality with great vision was born , to become a automotive micro company one day.

On October 19, 2018, the limited liability company “33” was set up before the Italian republic for the purpose of building and transforming special cars.

33 stands out for its concreteness, we are simple people, we say what we think and do what we say, and we provide a half life dedicated to cars and motor vehicles in general that has led us to confront ourselves with the biggest manufacturers of cars in the production of complete vehicles for special uses. Now this experience, which seemed to be dissolving, is united in 33 at your service, to take away your headaches from complex tasks or simply to build what you want man not found on the market.