The voice starts spinning, now it’s time to work, but you can’t go anywhere by yourself, the other side’s aim is to recompose the lost experience a few months before. Someone has already found a job, someone else has changed their lives, but whoever has the car inside does not give peace and above all cannot accept to do something outside of this engaging world. My job is basically very simple, with Luca and Giovanni we are shaping something that can catalyze the wonderful skills that lie dormant in people, and in fact in no time at all, there are three of us following in the adventure.

Three friends that we know well, and who bend over backwards immediately because they sense the opportunity we are creating with our own hands.

In a few days we have a well-assorted team of automotive “space cowboys” that, unlike the Clint Eastwood film, are not retired at the end of their career but enthusiastic middle-aged boys with twenty or thirty years of welding, hammers, upholstery, design, assembly, sweat and passion for the four wheels.

We start with the first hires and we see the light at the end of the gallery, the companies are made by people not by empty warehouses with a nice brand on it.